[Issue 454] New: Setting LIB environment variable has no effect on Windows

Bradley Smith user at domain.invalid
Wed Oct 25 14:09:38 PDT 2006

DMD does claim to do so on Windows. See the Environment Variables 
section under Win32 D Compiler in 

I agree that environment variables are problematic. I don't really care 
to use the LIB environment variable, but it was the simplest way to 
point to DMD installation and configuration problems. For example, there 
are two sc.ini which could be used when building a D program: 
dm/bin/sc.ini and dmd/bin/sc.ini. If I want to fix the error "phobos.lib 
not found", which one do I change. It is not clear. There are LIB 
settings in both.


Don Clugston wrote:
> I don't think DMD (or DMC) ever claims to use the LIB environment variable.
> If, like I have, you've ever tried installing eight different C++ 
> compilers on the one machine, you learn to hate environment variables. 
> Part of the reason I gave DMD a look, was that DMC was the only compiler 
> that didn't interfere with the others.
> d-bugmail at puremagic.com wrote:
>> To reproduce problem:
>> Extract dmc.zip to C:\
>> Extract dmd.172.zip to C:\
>> Change directory to an alternate drive, for example "cd d:"
>> Create file test.d with the following contents:
>>   import std.stdio;
>>   void main() {
>>     writefln("test");
>>   }
>> set PATH=c:\dm\bin;c:\dmd\bin;%PATH%
>> dmd test.d
>>   --- Fails to link because phobos.lib is not found ---
>> set LIB=c:\dm\lib;c:\dmd\lib
>> dmd test.d
>>   --- Still fails to link because phobos.lib is not found ---
>> Add "%@P%\..\..\dmd\lib" to LIB in c:\dm\sc.ini for example:
>>   LIB="%@P"\..\lib";"%@P%\..\..\dmd\lib";"%@P%\..\mfc\lib";%LIB%
>> dmd test.d
>>   --- Now links successfully ---
>> This problem also leads me to believe that the dmd\bin\sc.ini may also 
>> not be
>> working because it was set to the following:
>>   LIB="%@P%\..\lib";\dm\lib
>> Although this is in the location of the dmd compiler, it should have been
>> passed through to the linker like the LIB environment variable
>> Personally, I think dmd\bin\sc.ini should default to this:
>>   LIB="%@P%\..\lib";"%@P%\..\..\dm\lib";%LIB%
>> The setting \dm\lib will not work if the linker is on a different 
>> drive from
>> where the compile command is executed. I think it is more likely that 
>> the dm
>> and dmd directories will be in the same relative location.

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