[Issue 717] toobj.c:191: virtual void ClassDeclaration::toObjFile(): Assertion `!scope' failed.

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------- Comment #1 from smjg at iname.com  2007-09-18 15:49 -------
Please remember to assign keywords to bug reports.  To everybody reading this:
Please look through issues you've reported and check for missing keywords.

As I try it in DMD 1.020 (Windows), I don't get a crash, but these error

bz717a.d(2): class bz717a.main.T!().A has forward references
bz717a.d(4): class bz717a.main.T!().B has forward references

bz717b.d(2): class bz717b.main.T!().B has forward references

If I put the classes into main directly....
void main(){
    class B : A{
    class A{
bz717c.d(2): Error: identifier 'A' is not defined
bz717c.d(2): Error: A is used as a type
bz717c.d(2): class bz717c.main.B base type must be class or interface, not void

I'm not sure if your second testcase and mine should be legal.  It's in the
spec (unless it's changed since I looked) that nested functions can't
forward-reference each other, but I'm not sure if this applies to classes
within functions as well.


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