[Issue 3254] Module member visibility depends on declaration order

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Stewart Gordon <smjg at iname.com> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Stewart Gordon <smjg at iname.com>  2009-08-17 16:19:16 PDT ---
(DMD 1.046 Windows)

If b.d is changed to
private void foo(int x) {}
void foo(float x) {}
then it doesn't compile either way round:
bz3254a.d: Error: module bz3254a bz3254b.foo is private
bz3254a.d(3): Error: function bz3254b.foo is not accessible from bz3254a
The first of these errors disappears if they're swapped over.

But I'm not sure whether this is meant to work or not.  Are function calls
meant to be matched over all overloads, or only those that are accessible?

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