[Issue 2665] ICE(cod4.c) on certain const struct function return types

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here is (probably) another case of this problem.

struct A {}

struct B {
    const A a;

B f() {
    return B(A());

Internal error: ..\ztc\cod4.c 354 @ DMD2.031

"const(struct)" is the common component for the issues related to ICE(cod4.c)
Here is a list of problematic code:
In the function "cdeq" which generates code for an assignment

 sz = tysize[tyml];
 assert((int)sz > 0); <- failed this assertion.

where tyml is a type of lvalue, sz represents # of bytes to transfer.

This issue is apparently due to bypass of type-size{tysize} registration for
const(struct), besides registration for struct itself is done.

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