[Issue 3173] ICE(mtype.c) on wrong code (double to long to int conversion)

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--- Comment #2 from Don <clugdbug at yahoo.com.au>  2009-08-31 23:56:38 PDT ---

Cause: default case for getIntRange() assumes it's an integer, which isn't true
if there's casting.
Solution: if not an integer, assume it could contain anything.

PATCH: cast.c, line 1902 (in Walter's private beta of DMD2.032):

IntRange Expression::getIntRange()
    IntRange ir;
    ir.imin = 0;
    if (type->isintegral())
    ir.imax = type->sizemask();
    ir.imax = 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFULL; // assume the worst
    return ir;


struct S3173{
   double z;

int bug3173(int x) {  return x; }

S3173 s3173;
double e3173 = 4;
const double d3173 = 4;
// invalid, but should not ICE

static assert(!is(typeof(bug3173(cast(long)e3173))));
static assert(!is(typeof(bug3173(cast(long)s3173))));
static assert(!is(typeof(bug3173(cast(long)3.256679e30))));
// And two valid cases:
static assert(is(typeof(bug3173(cast(long)d3173))));
static assert(is(typeof(bug3173(cast(long)3.256679e4))));

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