[Issue 5308] std.conv should also use a to function to convert to other class types

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Thu Dec 2 09:20:57 PST 2010


Jesse Phillips <Jesse.K.Phillips+D at gmail.com> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
          Component|websites                    |Phobos
            Summary|std.conv documentation is   |std.conv should also use a
                   |behind implementation       |to function to convert to
                   |                            |other class types
           Severity|normal                      |enhancement

--- Comment #1 from Jesse Phillips <Jesse.K.Phillips+D at gmail.com> 2010-12-02 09:19:25 PST ---
Sorry, was testing it on classes, but the to function is used when it is not a

So I have made it an enhancement request. And the request is either to allow it
for classes also, or remove it for non-classes and use opCast instead.

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