[Issue 15897] base class method not seen w/ circular import

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Tue May 3 01:28:59 PDT 2016


--- Comment #8 from Martin Nowak <code at dawg.eu> ---
My initial intuition was wrong here. A private method in the base class should
not be visible from a derived class, even in the base class' module.
Even in the base class' module we filter visibility through the derived class
for the following reasons.

- You can introduce a create method in the derived class which would not
conflict w/ the base class method, but hijack the call in your example.
- The derived class would "look" differently in different modules, depending on
all of it's base classes. So far we only make a distinction between the class'
module/package and other modules.

To make your code work you have to explicitly convert the derived class to the
base class you want to access,

// qualified base class access

// even better, get rid of the circular import
void foo(Animal animal)


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