[Issue 15986] [std.experimental.allocator.mallocator] calloc?

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Tue May 3 08:25:01 PDT 2016


--- Comment #3 from Jack Stouffer <jack at jackstouffer.com> ---
(In reply to JVortex from comment #2)
> mmm.. that makes sense but, does makeArray use calloc (C Heap) instead of
> GC?


void main() @nogc
    import std.experimental.allocator : makeArray, dispose;
    import std.experimental.allocator.mallocator : Mallocator;

    auto alloc = Mallocator.instance;

    // allocate an array of three ints initialized to zero on the heap and
    // deallocate it once the program leaves the current scope.
    auto array = alloc.makeArray!int(3);
    scope(exit) alloc.dispose(array);

I'm closing this now as this seems to be a misunderstanding. If you have
questions in the future, don't hesitate to ask on

Also the allocator page provides a good introduction


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