[Issue 15992] [REG2.072a] ICE with field variable of instantiated struct

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Sun May 15 08:28:54 PDT 2016


Kenji Hara <k.hara.pg at gmail.com> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
           Keywords|                            |pull
           Hardware|x86_64                      |All
            Summary|[REG2.072a] dmd:            |[REG2.072a] ICE with field
                   |todt.c:787: void            |variable of instantiated
                   |membersToDt(AggregateDeclar |struct
                   |ation*, DtBuilder&,         |
                   |Expressions*, size_t,       |
                   |ClassDeclaration*,          |
                   |BaseClass***): Assertion    |
                   |`vd->semanticRun >=         |
                   |PASSsemantic2done' failed.  |
                 OS|Linux                       |All

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