[Issue 9149] Disallow converting delegates to const

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Wed May 25 08:28:14 PDT 2016


Steven Schveighoffer <schveiguy at yahoo.com> changed:

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--- Comment #10 from Steven Schveighoffer <schveiguy at yahoo.com> ---
I think the delegate assignment should be legal. The auto-conversion from pure
ctor to immutable should be illegal (note that converting to const is not a
good test case, because you can easily assign an A to a const A without
purity), because casting the A to immutable does not affect the 'this' pointer
of the delegate member, and that could point at the given object that you are
casting or any member. I had thought that the 'this' pointer was
const-agnostic. That is:

class C
   void foo() {}
   void ifoo() immutable {}

void main()
   mc = new C;
   ic = new C;
   void delegate() x = &mc.foo;
   x = &mc.ifoo; // why not?

Why does it matter if x's delegate has an immutable 'this'? that detail is
insignificant to the caller.


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