[Issue 19615] alias this not taken when member is

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--- Comment #1 from RazvanN <razvan.nitu1305 at gmail.com> ---
I don't think this issue is valid. Alias this should be viewed as inheritance,
so your example should behave exactly as:

class Test1
    int member() { return 0; }

class Test2 : Test1
    int member(int n) { return n; }

void main()
    Test2 a;
    a.member();           // error : function test.Test2.member(int n) is not
callable using argument types ()

Currently, in dmd if you want to include an overload in the baseclass overload
set you have to use alias (alias member = typeof(super).member), then the
example compiles. I suggest you use this technique in your code.

I suggest we close this as invalid.


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