[Issue 20019] Symbol not found: _dyld_enumerate_tlv_storage on macOS 10.15

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@jacob-carlborg created dlang/druntime pull request #2666 " Fix issue 20019:
Symbol not found: _dyld_enumerate_tlv_storage on macOS 10.15" fixing this

- Fix issue 20019: Symbol not found: _dyld_enumerate_tlv_storage on macOS 10.15

  The symbol `dyld_enumerate_tlv_storage` has been used to iterate all
  the thread local storage addresses and registered them as roots with
  the garbage collector.

  The symbol has always been a private symbol, not part of the public
  API. In the latest version of macOS, 10.15 it has been removed.

  This replaces the usage of `dyld_enumerate_tlv_storage` by manually
  iterating the TLV sections of all images and get key that the dynamic
  loader has setup for each TLS symbol. The key is then used to get the
  base address of the TLV storage.



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