[Issue 18318] std.net.curl.download silently ignores non-2xx http statuses

d-bugmail at puremagic.com d-bugmail at puremagic.com
Thu May 9 16:02:29 UTC 2019


--- Comment #5 from Dlang Bot <dlang-bot at dlang.rocks> ---
@MartinNowak updated dlang/phobos pull request #6102 "fix Issue 18318 -
std.net.curl.download silently ignores non-2xx..." fixing this issue:

- fix Issue 18318 - std.net.curl.download silently ignores non-2xx...

  ...http statuses

  - check status code of server response and throw HTTPStatusException
  - still downloads the page if intended
  - not using CURLOPT_FAILONERROR in the low-level API, as that has
    would be too disruptive, and comes with many catches itself
    i.e. only the high-level get/post/.../download/upload throw



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