[Issue 16426] Templated opAssign do not forward on Alias this.

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Fri Sep 4 12:14:51 UTC 2020


Steven Schveighoffer <schveiguy at yahoo.com> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Steven Schveighoffer <schveiguy at yahoo.com> ---
Ran into this today.

If the compiler is going to generate an opAssign, it should generate one that
forwards to the alias-this member. It should be something equivalent to adding
the following overload to the existing generated opAssign:

auto ref opAssign(T)(auto ref T val) if (!is(T == typeof(this)) &&
__traits(compiles, aliasThisMember = val))
   aliasThisMember = val;

BTW, thanks for the workaround. For a wrapped single alias-this member, it
works perfectly.


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