[Issue 21225] preview=dtorfields inserts unnecessary dtor call in nothrow ctors

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Sat Sep 5 19:04:09 UTC 2020


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dlang/dmd pull request #11692 "Fix 21225 - preview=dtorfields inserts
unnecessary dtor calls..." was merged into master:

- 15caafef20af92469b11cfaaeaf16b4e28e2b1d3 by MoonlightSentinel:
  Fix 21225 - preview=dtorfields inserts unnecessary dtor calls...

  ... in nothrow ctors

  Fixed by not inserting the destructor call if the constructor is
  `nothrow` - which makes the generated `catch`-block unreachable
  (unless the ctor violates it's `nothrow` guarantee - which is UB).

  This also saves time & memory spent on generating unused AST elements.



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