[Issue 18773] Constraints on buffer re-use for std.zlib should be documented.

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--- Comment #1 from SHOO <zan77137 at nifty.com> ---
This issue seems to be implementation problems rather than undocumented
restrictions: since the argument of compress/uncompress is requiring
const(void)[], the function has to take into account the possibility that the
buffer may be changed.

Specifically, the following code does not work:
auto compressed = appender!(ubyte[])();
scope compress = new Compress(HeaderFormat.gzip);
char[128] buffer;
foreach (e; ["abc", "abcdefghijk"]) {
    auto line = sformat!"%s\n"(buffer, e);
    // Invalid buffer is held by Compress
    const compressedLine = compress.compress(line);
    compressed.put(cast(const(ubyte)[]) compressedLine);
compressed.put(cast(const(ubyte)[]) compress.flush());

To solve this, there are two policies:
1. Change the type of argument to immutable(void)[] (this is a breaking change)
2. Copy the argument's buffer, and manage the life of the copied buffer in


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