[Issue 21726] Wrong comparison in package(...) visibilities

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Fri Apr 2 05:45:34 UTC 2021


--- Comment #3 from Dlang Bot <dlang-bot at dlang.rocks> ---
dlang/dmd pull request #12339 "[dmd-cxx] Backport fixes and trivial features
from upstream dmd" was merged into dmd-cxx:

- 9450325e3e411cca5fb665d5f2c14387195503aa by Iain Buclaw:
  [dmd-cxx] fix Issue 21726 - Wrong comparison in package(...) visibilities

  For the purpose of creating a new scope, it makes no sense to let the
  most restrictive package attributes override any other nested visibility
  attributes.  As there is no other use of isSubsetOf(), the entire
  function has been removed.



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