[Issue 16783] std.net.curl application throws an exception

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Tue Apr 27 16:28:28 UTC 2021


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--- Comment #7 from Berni44 <bugzilla at bernis-buecher.de> ---
Some analysis: Function pty


receives a VariantN containing a

Couldn't resolve host name on handle 5654F7BC4F50"

but cannot convert this to Throwable and hence throws a

I think that the "convertsTo" check doesn't work correctly and thus does not
throw this exception as expected. (I know too little about std.variant to
continue here.)

Further, I think, the PriorityMessageException could be improved to tell more
details about its parameter "vals" in its message. Maybe

super("Priority message: " ~ vals.stringof);

would be better.


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