[Issue 1985] import expression should return ubyte[] not string

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Tue Aug 3 13:19:45 UTC 2021


--- Comment #19 from Mike Parker <aldacron at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to ag0aep6g from comment #17)

> Age ("it's been that way for years") is not a reason to not fix an issue.

Perhaps if the issue is a bug, e.g., unintended behavior, but that is not the
case here. The longer a feature has existed, working as intended, the bigger
the chance people will have come to depend on it. 

> We're still left with breakage as the one reason to not fix this. And that's
> a vague one. You guys either "have no idea" how widely it is used, or you
> (RazvanN) believe that it is not used widely. On what basis do you assert
> that breakage would be too large?

I didn't say it would be large. I said there is a *potential* for breakage, and
that's based on the fact that the feature has been around for a very long time.
I know that Walter and Atila generally don't want to break code unless there is
a strong benefit to doing so. The fact that .representation is available
minimizes the benefit. 

So the onus is on someone who wants this feature badly enough to come up with a
benefit that justifies the potential breakage and outweighs the existing
alternatives. That goes for changing any existing feature.

> As I see it, RazvanN has been looking for old issues that can be closed
> easily. And now you're working backwards to justify the questionable
> decision.

I'm not "working backwards". I genuinely believe it shouldn't be changed.

Regardless, it's ultimately not up to me and Razvan. If Walter and Atila think
it's a good idea, that's all that matters. I do think Razvan is justified in
closing the issue, though, as I would expect this sort of change to require a
DIP, a preview switch, and a deprecation cycle.

At the very least, someone should scan the dub repository to get an idea of how
much this is used in the wild. And D shops should be queried on their use of

I've personally used it for code that's not on github (embedding an image), and
I had no problem using .representation. Didn't think twice about it. I also
would have no problem changing my code if the proposed change were implemented,
but I know there are plenty of D users who are generally averse to any sort of

But please, if you feel strongly enough about it, take it to the forums and see
what people think. Walter and/or Atila would probably weigh in on such a


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