[Issue 21690] Unable to dynamic cast extern(C++) classes

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Mon Jun 7 10:40:49 UTC 2021


--- Comment #13 from Basile-z <b2.temp at gmx.com> ---
(In reply to thomas.bockman from comment #10)
> However, it seems a little too unpredictable and limited to be worth
> implementing in the compiler itself, given that kinke mentioned earlier that
> two instances of the same class may still end up pointing to different
> vtable addresses if they were instantiated on different sides of the
> language barrier:
> (kinke from comment #1)
> > But then again, when we are confronted with some C++ class ref, we have no idea
> > whether it was instantiated on the D side or C++ side and so which vtable its
> > vptr points to.

Major problem indeed.


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