[Issue 22081] DWARF v5 support is utterly broken - 'illegal instruction' when throwing exceptions

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Thu Jun 24 00:40:47 UTC 2021


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@kinke created dlang/druntime pull request #3502 "Fix Issue 22081 - Utterly
broken DWARF v5 support" fixing this issue:

- Fix Issue 22081 - Utterly broken DWARF v5 support

  This has actually been tested to work with LDC, fixing the `assert(0)`
  and **numerous** terrible issues of #3189 after looking at the DWARF v5

  LLVM apparently puts all directory/file name strings into the new
  .debug_line_str section (DW_FORM_line_strp form code, one of various
  encoding options); reading the strings from there would require mmapping
  that section too, not just the .debug_line one.

  So at least with LLVM, *all* source file paths (of according DWARF v5
  line-number programs) in the exception backtrace string currently show
  up as `<unknown dir>/<unknown file>`.



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