[Issue 22270] [DIP1000] class does infer scope in methods when assigned to a scope variable

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Fri Sep 3 11:58:06 UTC 2021


Dennis <dkorpel at live.nl> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Dennis <dkorpel at live.nl> ---
Neither method gets `scope` inferred. If you remove the `new` in Bar (`scope
bar = Bar;`) you'll get the same error for the struct. What's happening is that
since `Bar` is a pointer, it gets dereferenced implicitly:

void main()
    scope Bar* bar = new Bar;
    (*bar).dummy; // dereference strips away the scope layer
`dummy` can't escape the pointer `bar` since `this` is passed by `ref`.
Escaping a pointer to a ref variable (`&this`) is fixed by

The class case is not allowed since dummy can do this:

Foo globalFoo;
class Foo
    @safe void dummy() {
        globalFoo = this;

So they are not consistent because `struct` is a value type and `class` a
reference type.


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