[Issue 22284] [DIP1000] function templates cannot infer scope in instances with indirections when accessing the address of fields

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Tue Sep 7 17:12:23 UTC 2021


--- Comment #2 from João Lourenço <jlourenco5691 at gmail.com> ---
Yes the last 2 make sense to infer scope, the comments were because I'm
specifying other templates with `(this This)` and they cannot infer scope.

> but canInfer3 and canInfer4 succeed because the parameter (This bar) in the lambda is inferred scope since it's passed by value and the lambda is `pure` and returns `void`, so it can't escape `arr`.

Ok, but I can make it a function and still escape its context:


struct Bar
    void canInfer(this This)()
        This other;
        (This bar) { other = bar; } (this);
        with(other) cast(void) &i; 

    int[] arr = [0];
    int i;

void main()
    scope bar = Bar();


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