[Issue 22224] [REG 2.097.0] compiler segfaults with -profile

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Tue Sep 7 22:52:01 UTC 2021


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dlang/dmd pull request #13053 "merge stable" was merged into master:

- b8b12503111f6041470b7b167f30ebd54a9a03a5 by Stefan Koch:
  Fix issue 22224 - [REG 2.097.0] compiler segfaults with -profile

  This fixes an issue where an analysis step inside semantic
  assumed that an expression is fully resolved.
  That means it has the type field set, to indicate semantic3 has been
sucessfully run.
  This turns out not to be the case when -profile is used on a vaargs function.
  We now check that type is non null before dereference the pointer.
  Thereby averting the segfault.



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