[Issue 11418] bit test pattern not inlined core.bitop.bt useless

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Wed Sep 8 14:48:24 UTC 2021


Dennis <dkorpel at live.nl> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Dennis <dkorpel at live.nl> ---
Issue 10985 is now fixed, so testing with:

-O -inline
import core.bitop: bt;

int foo(ulong* p, ulong bitnum) 
    return bt(p, bitnum);

int onlineapp.foo(ulong*, ulong):
        push    RBP
        mov     RBP,RSP
        mov     RCX,RDI
        shr     RCX,6
        mov     EDX,EDI
        and     EDX,03Fh
        bt      [RCX*8][RSI],EDX
        setb    AL
        and     EAX,1
        pop     RBP
        add     [RAX],AL

The function is inlined and a bt instruction is generated, so it looks like
this issue is fixed as well.


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