[Issue 20964] poor CTFE support for backward pointer iteration

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Wed Sep 22 10:06:38 UTC 2021


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--- Comment #6 from Stefan Koch <uplink.coder at gmail.com> ---
To make this code example clearer:

this compiles without complaints in non- at safe code and works.

void main()
    uint[3] arr = [1,2,3];
    assert(foo(arr) == arr[0]);

uint foo(uint[3] m)
    auto p = &m[0]; // pointing the first element
    p += 8; // pointing  to an invalid address &m[9]
    p -= 11; // pointer to an invalid address &[m-2]
    p++;    // after this statement pointing the valid address &m[-1] again
    return *++p; // *p should yield m[0];

Because at ctfe we can actually check that the final position of the pointer
the point of using it to access memory is in the range of the original memory
I have no issues with allowing this.


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