Debugging in D linux world.

Lars Ivar Igesund larsivar at
Wed Sep 17 00:24:03 PDT 2008

Sean Kelly wrote:

> Piotrek wrote:
>> And I have another question to linux users. What debugger do you use? If
>> non, also let me know please. I have a strange feeling that programming
>> with dmd on linux means no debugger usage.
> I don't debug on linux much myself, but I believe people typically use
> gdb with a demangle patch.  There are a ton of graphical front-ends for
> gdb as well.
>> Maybe somebody made ZeroBugs work well? And maybe there're more pros of
>> using gdc on linux rather than dmd?
> Last I heard, ZeroBugs support for D was still pretty sparse.  But I
> can't recall what worked and what didn't.

I've used ZeroBugs with success and found it much better than GDB, but I
hear not all like the closed source approach.

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