What's the proper way to debug D programs with GDB?

Robert Clipsham robert at octarineparrot.com
Fri Mar 19 16:25:15 PDT 2010

On 19/03/10 00:34, Bernard Helyer wrote:
> http://omploader.org/iM3ZudA
> There you go. D2, run build.debug.sh to build. Modify the script to add
> options and the like. Built with `-gc` list _Dmain or break _Dmain
> doesn't work, if you force a segfault (remove the comments from the
> first few lines of ator.main and compile with -noboundscheck to cause
> one) bt doesn't work, etc, etc.


Submitted to bugzilla with a test case, I couldn't narrow down the exact 
reason for it happening though, so that will have to be left to someone 
else. I'm pretty sure there's another bug in there somewhere too, 
because I came up with some odd errors while narrowing down a test 
case... I'll leave it until that is fixed though in case it's the same 
bug, unless someone can come up with another test case for me to work down.

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