VisualD temp D variables showing up

Amorphorious Amorphorious at
Fri Dec 29 11:25:09 UTC 2017

I am computing equations involving ^^ and about 90%, around 40, 
temp variables are showing up in the locals window.

		__powtmp5173	.712227326	double
		__powtmp5174	.3275114687	double
		__powtmp5175	1	double
		dist	2.017358817	double
		__powtmp5176	-.2647196372	double
		__powtmp5177	1.225902886	double
		__powtmp5178	.6666666667	double
		__powtmp5179	5.563024167e-309	double
		__powtmp5180	3.613877664e-308	double
		__powtmp5181	1.424047271e-305	double
		__powtmp5182	0	double
		__powtmp5183	2.125183105	double
		__powtmp5184	3.124453764e-307	double
		__powtmp5185	2.769750648e+266	double
		__powtmp5186	1.700051445e-313	double
		__powtmp5187	2.826759824e-307	double
		__powtmp5188	1.447097644e-305	double
		__powtmp5189	1.295163447e-318	double
		__powtmp5190	1.447097644e-305	double

How can I remove these? I do not need to see them.

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