VisualD Can now execute class/struct methods __debugOverview, __debugExpaanded, __debugTextView to customize display in the debugger

FunkyD MrFunky at
Sun Jul 5 20:25:23 UTC 2020

On Sunday, 5 July 2020 at 18:58:50 UTC, Rainer Schuetze wrote:
> On 05/07/2020 14:10, FunkyD wrote:
>> Can now execute class/struct methods __debugOverview, 
>> __debugExpaanded,
>> __debugTextView
>> to customize display in the debugger
>> ? How does one use these I can't find anything else about 
>> them, not in the source code.
> I have added some documentation here: 

I've tried that. I switched the debuggers in the debug options 
and general options to use mago.

The only thing I have gotten was a magnifier glass(the 

I tried going to a watch window and add but visualD and studio 

struct test
	int x;
	auto __debugOverview()
		return "asdfsda";
	auto __debugExpanded()
		struct x
		{ int x, y;
		return x(3,3);

	auto __debugTextView()
		return "asdfsda";

	auto __debugStringView()
		return "{x:asdfsda}";


void main()
	test t;


Also, in the general options it has 
debug[Overview|Expanded|Visualizer]. The help seems inconsistent 
with the various _debug functions.

There seems to be a bug somewhere.

I started a different project and copied that code and it works! 
I originally had it in another project. The new project has 
Visual Studio x86 mixed mode set for the debugger! I thought I 
read that it must be mago.

So it seems to work but there seems to be a bug that causes a 
crash and does not properly handle.

Ok, I changed the old project back from mago to VSx86MM and it 
works. So this seems to be an issue with mago.

mago debugger

     can now evaluate class/struct methods/fields __debugOverview, 
__debugExpanded, __debugTextView to customize display in the 
     experimental: can now display ranges similar to arrays
     some performance improvements by caching some data while the 
debuggee is stopped

I assumed mago debugger meant for mago debugger. In any case, the 
crash is not good(happens when I go from locals to watch).


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