first chance exception in VisualD

Rainer Schuetze r.sagitario at
Thu Jul 29 06:44:47 UTC 2021

On 28/07/2021 11:37, frame wrote:
> Are first chance exception breakpoints throwing by assert() working in
> VisualD? I have core.exceptions.AssertError enabled but it slips
> through. I fancied that it worked some time ago. Not sure what happend.

Dealing with exceptions in the debugger is a bit tricky:

- a 64-bit executable built with dmd only generates a "priveleged
instruction exception" for unhandled exceptions as dmd generated code
that does not use standard exception handling

- a 32-bit executable built with dmd has regular exception handling
code, but uses exception code 0xe0440001 for all exceptions

- the standard VS debugger with or without the mago extension cannot
filter on the actual exception

- only the "mago debug engine" as selected in the "Debugging" project
configuration can evaluate the "D Exceptions" settings, but it might
have bitrotten...

- when compiling with LDC, standard C++ exceptions are generated, and
you can setup exception filters in the "C++ exceptions" group

tl;dr: use LDC :-)

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