DWT Build problems with DMD 0.153

pragma pragma_member at pathlink.com
Mon Apr 17 11:58:45 PDT 2006

In article <e1oh0q$2n5o$1 at digitaldaemon.com>, Shawn Liu says...
>Hi, All:
>    I am on a business travel now. I'll fix the problem as soon as possible 
>and make DWT compliant with DMD 0.154. Maybe next week.
>    Sorry for the inconvenience.
>    It is appreciated if somebody else do me a favor to help to fix it.
>- Shawn

Build problems aside, what kind of help are you looking for?  The project wiki
page on dsource.org doesn't give a whole lot of direction in this area.   

Would you like to see people post trac tickets, forum posts or perhaps continue
to write bugs here instead?  Also, how do you feel about accepting code patches
- should they be emailed to a particular address?

- EricAnderton at yahoo

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