DWT Build problems with DMD 0.153

DBloke DBloke at NoSpam.org
Wed Apr 19 02:30:55 PDT 2006

> If you are build a library, Build uses DigitalMars' lib.exe in Windows
> environments. This is normally found in the dm\bin (not dmd\bin) folder
> which is expected to be on your PATH. I notice you have the LINKCMD in the
> sc.ini file to show where the linker is, well you might have to do
> something similar for the librarian. If you place in the build.cfg file
> (Build's configuration file) the line ...
> LINKCMD=C:\dmd\dm\bin\lib.exe
> Build can find your librarian application then.
Hi thanks for tip, I downloaded build but it did not come with a 
build.cfg file, and I have been unable to access dsource for a few days 
now keep getting FATAL: connection limit exceeded for non-superusers 
error, in the end I just copied lib.exe to dmd\bin and tis solved the 
problem, got everything to build apart from examples.

Keep getting a module all cannot read file dwt\all.d
even copying the all.d file to every occurrence of dwt under dwt\import 
does not fix problem.

Who do i need to contact about dsource problem?


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