Whither DWT?

DBloke DBloke at NoSpam.org
Wed Apr 19 04:44:53 PDT 2006

> Another possibility is basing a framework on some portable ground, like 
> for instance SDL or OpenGL. But it wouldn't feel very "native", then ?
> --anders

This is something that would need to be agreed, do we want Native or X 

Either choice would require significant effort IMHO, and require that 
all different platforms be synced to maintain consistency if D goes the 
X Platform route.

D is X Platform so perhaps D's GUI should be also?

SDL and OpenGL could be a useful starting platform, and D's GUI 
Framework could leverage a lot of low level code from the two platforms, 
and a bonus that it is written in C so will be easier to interface to in 
theory and X Platform.

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