Whither DWT?

pragma pragma_member at pathlink.com
Wed Apr 19 13:08:05 PDT 2006

In article <e25vmb$1frn$2 at digitaldaemon.com>, Kyle Furlong says...
>pragma wrote:
>> [snip = "We could use GL for a portable base to build a GUI on"]
>> PS, you could back DWT, Minwin, DUIT, etc on such a lib if you wanted to.
>Terra is well on the way in this vein, you should check it out.


[sifts through SVN tree for Terra]

Wow.  Okay, I like where this is going.  My only regret is not enough time to
put my back into it, but maybe I can see what I can contribute.  It certainly
looks like a nice recipe for stone soup anyway.


I also sincerely mean what I stated in that PS.  I think the major thing that is
scaring people away from DWT is the sheer size of the thing, and what that means
for porting the native layer of the library.  If D simply built the GUI
toolchain in much the same way it has everything else (bottom up) we'd already
have a whole crop portable GUI toolkits. :)

- Eric Anderton at yahoo

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