Whither DWT?

DBloke DBloke at NoSpam.org
Wed Apr 19 16:32:42 PDT 2006

> wxD is intended for Linux (GTK+), Mac OS X (Carbon), as well as Windows.

I thought wxWidgets was a C++ library, and that it was next to 
impossible to interface to C++ in D ???

So does wxD build a lib for D or does wxD provide a layer on top of 
wxWidgets to access wxWidgets library?

Also how easy is it going to be to keep wxD synced with the main 
wxWidgets branches?

above comments not meant to be a critique just curiosity

> For wxWidgets, there are several editors for the XML-based "XRC" format.
> One (from the wx author) is: http://www.anthemion.co.uk/dialogblocks/

The above is even better when it generates the C++ code ;) not much use 
in D though, but XRC is probably more portable than C++ code especially 
when used with wxPython or wxLua

> wxD comes with both several image formats, and support for sound (0.05)
> And drawing on canvases is supported, as well as using OpenGL canvases.

So out of interest just how much is possible with wxD compared with 
wxWidgets, i.e TreeViews RichText Events etc?

Again above not a critique more curiosity ;)

> wxD is somewhat huge, but most of the code is rather straight-forward.
> (not counting some of the voodoo going on with events and such tricks)
> Some complexity comes from the mish-mash of languages used, though...

I thought wxWidgets was developed in C++ ??

> I've been working on such a list for wxD 0.05, but it's a lot of demos 
> and I'm testing them on three platforms - so it amounts to some work...

Well I have a Mac and x64 PC so I may be able to lend a hand testing if 
you like?

> I've also started on some minor docs, like http://wxd.sf.net/Hello.html
> and with adding some API docs with Doxygen, like http://wxd.sf.net/docs/
> In the long run there needs to be a tutorial or longer documentation,
> explaining how to get started - with more words than just a Readme...

Could it be possible to use wxWidgets docs for wxD?

> Also interesting would be a list of all available widgets, like SWT has:
> http://www.eclipse.org/swt/widgets/, even if it's the same as wxWidgets.
> There are a lot, especially when including all of http://wxcode.sf.net/,
> since most of the C++ wxWidgets can be ported over to D if needed to be.

I must have missed something somewhere I thought it was not possible to 
port C++ to D I am sure I read a post somewhere or on the D site saying 
that it is almost impossible to port C++ to D ??

> I think that wxD could serve as a GUI for D.
> At least until something better is ready...

if it is on par with wxWidgets then this could definately be the case 
wxWidgets is a pretty complete framework afaik.

Been readin up on SDL this could be a good base with wxD for multimedia 
framework ??

> It's just an "alpha" in terms of stability,
> but then again so is the D language itself ?

How far is D off from going Beta?


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