Whither DWT?

DBloke DBloke at NoSpam.org
Fri Apr 21 03:01:06 PDT 2006

>> Well I have a Mac and x64 PC so I may be able to lend a hand testing 
>> if you like?
> Sure! There's "only" wxD 0.04 at the site at the moment, but I might as
> well upload wxD 0.05 too as a "Release Candidate" or something similar ?
Hi These are test results from samples built.
Tested on Windows XP SP2
1.5 GB Ram
Athlon XP 2800+
128 MB GeForce 4 MX GFX

Controls -- Exists with abnormal termination
Dialogs -- Selecting busy dialog gives abnormal termination
Dnd -- Selecting clipboard gives abnormal termination
Font -- GUI Code requested a wxFontMapper but we only have a 
Grid -- When selecting virtual table allocation with default setting 
exits with abnormal termination
HTML -- when selecting open from file menu and selecting an html file 
invalid encoding value in wxCSConv ctor -- abnormal termination
HtmlHelp -- When selecting Exit abnormal termination
HTMListbox -- when opening program abnormal termiation
Launcher -- after launching Dialogs and exiting Dialogs just get 
hourglass no way to quit only task manager
ListBook -- when selecting About program freezes only way to quit Task 
ListCtrl -- Selecting Sort program just exits
MDI -- when starting program immediately exits with abnormal termination
Printing -- When selecting Print Setup -- Abnormal termination
TreeCtrl -- program never displays and just runs as a process in Task 
Manager, only way to quit look through processes in Task Manager and end 
Xrcdemo -- exits immediately before displaying

How does 0.5 compare to 0.4?


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