window menu drawing different in D and in VC++/MinGW

Serg Kovrov kovrov at no.spam
Tue Aug 22 04:43:36 PDT 2006

Derek Parnell wrote:
> I believe this is a Windows bug. It happens when your .exe is generated
> without specifying a modern Windows version. Ensure your .def file for the
> project has the two lines ...

Thank you, Derek.

This is solve the problem. Windows version could be 4.0. It can be also 
used as linker switch /SU:windows:5.0 (or 4.0)

There is a note on SUBSYSTEM directive 
(, said "Use 4.0 
when developing Windows XP applications." But I never thought it could 
be related to this issue. Actually I still have no idea what this 
directive/switch do.


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