Are any GUI libs going to make use of signals/slots?

clayasaurus clayasaurus at
Tue Dec 5 10:49:32 PST 2006

Craig Black wrote:
> Is anybody using or planning to use the new signal/slot feature?  Seems like
> a powerful feature to me.  I'm curious as to its percieved utility to GUI
> library maintainers.
> -Craig 

I made a simple OpenGL based GUI for my little library that uses 
signal/slots (note I just recently completed it but haven't used it for 
any apps yet, except for test apps).

It makes it really easy for users to hook up their own custom code to 
handle things such as buttons being clicked.

One thing I'm curious about is the efficiency of signals and slots. I'm 
guessing it has slightly more overhead than a normal function call, 
therefore it is not something to be calling constantly.

~ Clay

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