Ant duitoolkit at yahoo.ca
Fri Dec 8 13:42:04 PST 2006

bobef wrote:
> I tried to compile the latest revision (178) with DMD 176 on windoze. 
> There were some complains about unable to implicitly convert from 0 to 
> some kind of flags, but I hacked that and it compiles. I couldn't 
> compile the tests though.
> Even if I compile everything is the library usable already? What do I 
> need to use it? GTK DLLs? What version, where to get them 
> (download.com?), etc..
> What is the status of the library?

The lib is in development.
I'm still actively working on it.
get it from http://www.dsource.org/projects/dui
you should get the DLLs from http://gimp-win.sourceforge.net/stable.html
I didn't compile it with the latest version of DMD yet.

The big project using Duit is leds:
(should compile the from the svn - Linux only?
I do have a good leds.exe for windows)
but is not tested with the latest DMD.
The old user docs are at http://leds.sourceforge.net/
My latest project (private) is a GUI front end for ivtvctl and ivtv-tune 
- which works perfectly and was easy to build.

known problems are threads, both glib and D threads.
(threads seem to be correct on window but not on Linux).
I'm not sure about memory leaks.
Not every thing will be wrapped from all libs (gobject, glib, atk,...)
but most is (99%+?).
cairo is integrated on Duit but needs a simple fix that was posted
on dsource that I didn't include yet.
There are no automatically generated tests so the wrappings only get
tested if I used them. The wrappings are generated automatically.

If you can live with those limitations you can start to use it.
The windows version is the first to be neglected when I don't
have the time.


PS I saw your post on dsource, I started typing this reply I don't 
remember why I didn't submit, sorry.

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