DWT partially updated to dmd 0.177

Anders F Björklund afb at algonet.se
Wed Dec 13 00:37:42 PST 2006

bobef wrote:

>> By the way, is anyone else than me still using dwt?  Sort of wish I 
>> had chosen wxD instead.
> I am using DWT. People working on Poseidon too. DWT is great. I wish 
> Shawn had not abandoned DWT || we had tool to do automatically SWT>DWT 
> translation || at least wxD work with DMD, because currently it is 
> toooooo buggy.

wxD needs some help with DMD and Windows, since I don't use those much.

I know the previous build had Unicode problems, but otherwise it should 
be limping along for ASCII strings at least ? I only tried it briefly.


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