Mark of the beast, was Re: Style Question - OO or procedural

Shawn Liu shawn666.liu at
Mon Feb 27 07:04:05 PST 2006

"Charles" <noone at> says:dtctla$27hj$1 at
> Also not sure if you know this , but your email has 666 in it, which in 
> the
> christian faith is 'The Mark of the Beast', represents the devil.
> Actually Ive heard lots of theories as to what this means but the most
> popular is that the Roman Ruler at the time ( Nero Ceasar ), in its seven
> letter hebrew name adds up to 666 ( 50+200+6+50+100+60+200 )  . All hebrew
> letters have a numeric value.  Theres a whole jewish sub culture that 
> tries
> to find hidden meanings in words, called Gematria .  This was recently
> popularized by the Darren Arronfsky's movie PI -- where the true name for
> god lies in PI .
> Anyway you might consider removing that or risk offending some one :).
> Charlie

I don't wanna offend anybody at all.

6,8,9 are lucky numbers in Chinese. 6 means able and successful.
8 means earning money and get rich. 9 means long time and long life.
Some Chinese even spent much money to gain an auto license or mobile
phone number which ends with 6,8 or 9.

And more, the pronunciation of 6 in Chinese is the same as "liu".
And the email address without numbers is occuppied by somebody else.
That is why I choose this as my e-mail address.

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