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Tue Feb 28 06:44:09 PST 2006

In article <dtvvg2$2otu$1 at>, Charles says...
> > I don't wanna offend anybody at all.
>Yes thats what i figured :).  Just wanted to let you know.
> > 6,8,9 are lucky numbers in Chinese. 6 means able and successful.
> > 8 means earning money and get rich. 9 means long time and long life.
> > Some Chinese even spent much money to gain an auto license or mobile
> > phone number which ends with 6,8 or 9.
>Cool, are there any 'unlucky' chinese numbers ?
>US has unlucky 13 -- alot of buildings wont even have a floor 13, they 
>go straight to 14.

Passenger seats on airplanes also tend to skip the 13th row, even if your ticket
says "row 13"!  Of course, for some planes, this is located next to the lavatory
anyway, so I guess it really is unlucky.

- EricAnderton at yahoo

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