Empire for Win32 written with MinWin?

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Tue Feb 28 19:42:08 PST 2006

<alert comment="windows developer who is relatively ignorant about
cross-platform issues except for bad experiences with wxWidgets">

My understanding is that the latest Empire for Win32 was written with
MinWin. I recall looking at MinWin quite a while back, and was
intrigued by the concept of a minimal gui library.

At that point, I decided to try out Vathix's DFL for porting an app
from MFC to D. I found DFL to work well and to be actively supported.
I hope that the selection of DWT doesn't reduce DFL development and

I was actually pleasantly surprised at the functionality in MinWin
that was available and used by Empire .... such as RadioButtons and
dialogs. Nice job, Ben.

My question: considering the dominance of Windows on the desktop, does
that justify having a non-portable gui library for Windows being
endorsed, supported, and/or "official"? (whatever that means) .... in
addition to DWT?

IMHANVIO (in my humble and not very informed opinion), DFL (and
perhaps MinWin?) would be appropriate to be considered as official and
endorsed gui libraries for D.


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