DWT Status and Usage

Don Clugston dac at nospam.com.au
Tue Jul 4 23:24:40 PDT 2006

John Reimer wrote:
> John Demme wrote:
>> Is anyone using DWT for anything big (or medium)?  On Linux?  Is it ready
>> for the big time?
>> Thanks
> Not without more people supporting the development and having interest 
> in cross-platform versions.
> It seems people have been excited about the windows version, and it gets 
> some use.  But people are all too eager to use the library, and yet 
> loathe to help support the internals or maintain the source.  I don't 
> think one or two people is even close to being sufficient to keep a DWT 
> port going.  It needs a whole group of highly motivated individuals 
> (which doesn't appear to exist).

I think it's unlikely that anyone from a non-Java background is likely 
to get excited about it.
IMHO, a clear winner has not yet emerged. In the GUI survey, both DUI 
and Harmonia seemed to generate more enthusiasm than DWT.

It seems to me, that although it's easier to port an existing framework 
than create one from scratch, it's easier to get motivated about a 
D-specific framework.

> I don't mean to be pessimistic, but DWT is a non-trivial framework and 
> requires constant maintenance or it will get out of date in no time as 
> the DMD compiler improves.
> :(
> -JJR

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