FLTK native in 'D'. Would that be useful? --- yes, sure

Sai Sai_member at pathlink.com
Fri Jul 21 15:55:52 PDT 2006

I really think that would be wonderful.

Infact we use FLTK front-end for a software we developed inhouse to
display 'resin' flow in simulations of composite manufacturing ! Currently it is
written in C++

If a D native version of FLTK is available, I would really use it for all
front-ends from now on. 

I am really interested and would be your first user.


In article <e9r97s$1dg2$1 at digitaldaemon.com>, matthiasm says...
>I am one of the co-authors of FLTK. I like 'D' and as a test I have manually
>translated parts of FLTK into 
>native 'D' code. This is obvioulsy very different from just writing a wrapper,
>more involved, but also 
>more rewarding.
>Before I jump into manually porting a few hundred thousand lines of code, I
>would really like to know 
>first if the 'D' community is interested in such a thing at all and if I can get
>sufficient support and a 
>reasonable number of users. 
>What do you folks think?
>FLTK is a Fast and Light user interface Tool Kit. It sets directly onto the low
>lever interfaces of the three 
>main supported platforms (MSWindows:WIN32, Unix including Linux: X11, Mac OS X:
>FLTK is in use by several thousand people all over the world. It comes with a
>visual user interface 
>designer that spews out readable C++ (and after the coversion 'D').
>Come check it out at http://www.fltk.org/

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