FLTK native in 'D'. Would that be useful?

Anders F Björklund afb at algonet.se
Sun Jul 23 17:00:12 PDT 2006

Charles D Hixson wrote:

> That thing about "native to D" is more important that it at
> first appears.  On Linux there are two different versions of
> D with two different linking conventions.
> dmd, the Digital Mars D, doesn't link well (at all?) with
> system libraries.  Some people have managed to make it work,
> and my hat is off to them.
> gdc, OTOH, uses the standard system linkages, but is always
> out of step with dmd. (Naturally.  D is a moving target, and
> gdc is not a full time job.)

Not sure I follow, DMD uses "gcc" to link on Linux and GDC is
currently just one version behind (0.162 instead of 0.163) ?

There are several advantages of having a native D toolkit instead
of linking to one in another language, just not sure this was it...

As mentioned, the only problem I see (saw) with a native D toolkit
is that it can't use any system C/C++ header files just as they are.

In e.g. wxD, those are all kept in C++ so they are not really much of a 
problem - whileas they are a big issue when porting instead of wrapping.


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