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Sat Mar 11 12:47:55 PST 2006

"Hasan Aljudy" <hasan.aljudy at gmail.com> wrote in message 
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> build expects to see a "main" function inside the file sent to it thru the 
> command line.
> Harmonia doesn't work that way. The main function is somewhere else!!

1) Windows GUI application has WinMain() function instead of main().
2) Harmonia tries to isolate you from this platform specific details (e.g. 
you don't need to reproduce "message pump" in each your application), this 
is why WinMain function is a part of Harmonia implementation. You don't need 
to write WinMain each time.

Please see:

> How can I get build to realize this fact and properly invoke the linker to 
> build an exe file instead of a lib file?

> I tried passing the win32application.d file to build, but I got some wierd 
> link errors!

I don't know. Would appreciate if someone will tell me.
You should be able to pass to build.exe name of your main.d file and
build target type - exe.

Probably build.exe needs some additional flags in command line? I don't 

Andrew Fedoniouk.

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