JFace-DFace Hi Shawn

BLS lietz at wanadoo.fr
Fri Mar 17 02:34:02 PST 2006

I just have a look at the Eclipse JFace docs and it seems! that porting is
straightforward. It also seems that there exists no dependecies to the
Eclipse platform. So I can imagine to start porting Jface to DFace (I guess
we will choose this name) But before I waste time I would like to know :
1) Anybody out there who allready give it a try ?
2) What about general pitfalls ? (I mean common mistakes one will make when
porting Java to D. I think the DWT folks should have some experience <g>)
3) What Tools are in  use ?

Bjoern Lietz-Spendig

Regarding 2) : Thanks to Walter a lot of "from C to D docs" are available .
Any hints regarding  "from Java to D  docs" ?

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