Whither DWT?

freeagle freeagle at inmail.sk
Tue May 2 07:19:21 PDT 2006

Kyle Furlong wrote:
> freeagle wrote:
>> Kyle Furlong wrote:
>>> freeagle wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> Im quite new to D, but reading a lot of posts lately and checking 
>>>> some websites about D i can say that the demand for good GUI API is 
>>>> quite high in the community (including me).
>>>> And i must say i agree with the idea of using OpenGL for making a 
>>>> cross platform GUI. Having a modern GUI rendered using graphics 
>>>> hardware could    drag more attention to D. And problem of not 
>>>> native look of such API could be easily handled using different 
>>>> themes. When i checked Terra project source, the actual style of the 
>>>> widgets takes only few lines of code and a set of images. For me, 
>>>> OpenGL is the right way to go.
>>>> Freeagle
>>> All Terra needs is a complete widget set. Like you have specified, 
>>> all this takes is the logic and skinning. I wrote a scrollbar widget 
>>> and skinned it in less than a day.
>> i wonder if its possible/reasonable to use it for more complex GUI 
>> apps, IDE for example, or any other bigger projects
> Why not? All you have to do is write the widgets you need and skin them. 
> :-D
asking coz i havent found anything about how thorough is the design of 
terra, if the code of bigger apps will still remain maintainable, and if 
its able to introduce new features easily without some major code rewrites

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